Ever wondered why Sanitizers for prevention?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Evidence based practices have shown the effectiveness of alcohol based solutions for dissemination of pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Sanitizers are built on the same results stating that the use of alcohol in adequate concentrations is highly effective in fighting against infections. As per the carried out researches, alcohol-based gels/ liquids are more reliant for disinfection rather than using alcohol in isolation.

As far as the market surveys are concerned, there are two types of alcohols that are used in making the sanitizers namely IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and ETA (ethyl alcohol). The prime difference between the two being that IPA kills pathogens and has disinfectant properties while ETA kills pathogens and has intoxicating properties.

The concentration in which alcohol is present in the sanitizer may vary. Some may have 76% while some may have 70%. What exactly is the meaning of concentration? It simply means that in 100 mL of the sanitizer 76 mL or 70 mL alcohol is present.

Sanitizers can also be differentiated on the grounds of gel based or liquid based. Gel based sanitizers have alcohol mixed with thick gels solutions whereas liquid sanitizers are a mixture of alcohol and water. Gel based sanitizers are more often used in bottles for individual use while liquid sanitizers are generally used in the form of sprays.

There are a number of sanitizers present in the current market scenario for people to ensure their safety and hygiene. People should take all necessary measures and precautions in this pandemic situations. Afterall prevention is the key.

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