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Our History

Conceptive Farmacia is a Private limited company recognized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company was established with a vision to research and develop research-based innovative patented medications for healthy living, we here at Conceptive Farmacia produce more efficient and affordable scientifically significant patented formulations along with generic medicines to meet the world's leading public health need. Conceptive Farmacia is led by a passionate team of healthcare evangelists. We combine research, case studies, meta-analysis, clinical trials, sports nutrition and other biomedical fields with medicine to help, cure and eradicate diseases and other health problems in a more sustainable, healthy and affordable way.

With years of expertise and experience, Conceptive Farmacia Pvt Ltd is proud to be regarded as a leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of healthcare products and services.

In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that.

Vision and Origin

"Enhance to carry treatments to patients that considerably improve their lives"

We innovate every day to make the planet an environment that is better. At the very beginning, that was Chiman lal Kwatra's idea and still it remains true in everything we do. We're dedicated to affordable healthcare for all, from biomedical discovery to innovative products to our vital collaborations around the world. And it matters to each person.

Generations to Generations his ideology passed on, at present his grandson Bharat Kwatra has given practical shape to same ideology by founding Conceptive Farmacia Pvt Ltd. Here at Conceptive Farmacia, our intent is clear: breakthroughs that transform the lives of patients. We are unleashing the power of our strengths against a dynamic health environment, from our drugs and vaccines to our financial commitments and the skills of our colleagues, to help reinforce health networks and expand access to affordable health care for citizens around the world.


Shri Chiman Lal Kwatra

Conceptive Farmacia's Visionary Founder



Placing Mankind first

"The entitlement of all people to basic health care would be my highest priority. I would champion mechanisms for listening, learning and involving individuals and communities-including refugees, displaced and disabled people; people living in remote, urban slums and low-income areas; and other disadvantaged groups."

This determination – and what we gain from it – will be at the core of our attempts to organise capital and keep public institutions responsible for the  welfare of everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, wealth, sexual identity or religion.

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A future that everyone can live a safe and prosperous life

I imagine a future where everybody, regardless of where they're from where they lead, will live safe, meaningful lives. I assume that the global dedication to sustainable development, as enshrined in the healthcare global Goals, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve the social, economic, and political determinants of wellbeing and improve people's health and well-being globally. A powerful, successful Conceptive farmacia capable of meeting emerging challenges and achieving the health goals of the Sustainable Development Goals would be needed to realise this vision.

Putting health and wellbeing at the top of the international agenda

When people are well, whole families and countries prosper, and the whole planet profits. I would work with heads of  my departments, doctors, researchers and science enthusiast in a variety of portfolios, multilateral organisations, the Conceptive Farmacia's research mechanism, treatments, and the business community to make access to health care and immunity from infectious disease outbreaks a core component of global security.

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Enhance to carry treatments to patients that considerably improve their lives